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Worship & Praise Ensemble
Bluewater Baptist Church announces the commencement of our very own Praise & Worship Ensemble!

                      For many years we prayed the Lord would bless us with a Praise Team, he has! We have our very own Praise Team. They play beautifully on Sundays and other church events. Their worship and praise music enrich our worship experience and exalt the Lord through song.
We are very pleased with the following members:

Tony Bowman
Renee' Yarbrough
Sonny Hobbs
Candice Yarbrough

We are sad to announce that our long time drumette will be leaving us to persue a career in the military....However we would like to welcome new members to our group.
Adam Hobbs
Phillip Wilcher

It is our sincere hope that your praise experience is enriched by our team in an effort to lift the name of the Lord! We welcome your ideas and suggestions for our song lists, as well as newcomers and guests to join us in this most important and worthwhile endeavor!
We look forward to the future of Bluewaters praise and worship time and how this God-sent blessing will help us bless and claim the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!